SHRMA March 2015 Legislative Report

SHRMA March 2015 Legislative Report


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The first significant deadline of the 2015 Oregon State Legislative Session has come and gone. Members and committees had to submit drafts of measures for introduction to the Senate and House desks no later than February 25, 2015. With this major deadline behind us, it remains clear that this is turning out to be a busy session for employment-related bills. Among other developments, February brought an influx of bills proposing different rate increases and schedules to bump-up Oregon’s minimum wage. Please click on the link above to read our SHRMA 2015 Legislative Report.

Your voice in this year’s session counts more than ever. Many of the bills under consideration are likely to have significant impact should they pass. For bills of concern, please contact your representative to voice your opinion.

Continue to stay tuned as we keep you updated on pending employment legislation and alert you to new laws that are passed this session.