Employment Law & Litigation

Employee lawsuits are among the most serious and unpredictable risks your business faces. The lawyers in the firm’s Employment Law Group know that you are looking for prevention, not litigation. They provide their clients with practical step-by-step advice, so you can make employment decisions with confidence. When litigation occurs, they defend their clients’ businesses against claims by current and former employees. To protect your business, they also aggressively litigate noncompetition and trade secrets disputes. Clients of the Employment Law Group find that they are better prepared to manage their workforce. By understanding the complex and often overlapping employment laws, they can make tough decisions that can help keep your business productive and on the right track. The group’s on-site training, and free quarterly seminars on hot employment law topics, help employers foresee issues before they become problems. The group’s employment clients range from small dental and medical practices to large regional companies with multi-state operations. They can help your business manage its workforce better, and provide a strong and effective defense should the need arise.

Employment Litigation

Employment Law Group lawyers provide employers with a vigorous defense of claims brought by current and former employees. They represent clients before administrative agencies and in-state and federal court. They also defend wage and hour, discrimination, disability, wrongful discharge and a wide variety of other employment claims.

Noncompetition, Corporate Raiding & Trade Secrets Litigation

Employment Law Group lawyers have extensive experience in litigating corporate raiding, noncompetition and misappropriation of trade secrets cases. They have handled many “save the company” cases, where key employees have departed as a group with the goal of stepping into the shoes of their former employer. These cases require experienced counsel, immediate and decisive action, and a working knowledge of effective techniques that can restore leverage and prevent further harm.

Employment Advice

Clients call the Employment Law Group when they need a second opinion, or when they feel uncomfortable about a termination or other decision. Group lawyers can spot red flags and make sure that documentation is in order and the case will be as bulletproof as possible should the employee take legal action.


Group lawyers can help you investigate harassment, retaliation and other employee complaints. A good investigation and proper documentation is your insurance policy in the event of a lawsuit.

Employment Manuals, Contracts & Policies

Employment Law Group lawyers develop policies that comply with the law while still allowing clients to effectively manage their workforce. They develop noncompetition agreements for key employees, and aggressively enforce those agreements in court.