Condemnation & Unconstitutional Takings

As Oregon and the Pacific Northwest continue to grow, private property owners may increasingly find themselves faced with condemnation as a result of government projects and development. The lawyers in our condemnation practice team have the expertise to assist our clients in protecting their legal rights.

Government agencies generally are delegated the power of eminent domain in order to take private property for a legitimate public use. However, property owners are entitled to “just compensation,” which is guaranteed by the Oregon and United States Constitutions. Just compensation is the complete replacement, in cash, for the taking of private property interests and compensable damages to the remaining property. There are specific legal requirements that the government must follow in order to take private property. Additionally, in certain circumstances, the government may be required to pay the property owner’s reasonable attorney fees.

The condemnation lawyers at Saalfeld Griggs understand the unique statutory and constitutional components of a takings proceeding. Our condemnation attorneys are well equipped to assist property owners with takings and condemnation litigation involving commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural property. We help property owners navigate dealings with right-of-way agents and negotiate just compensation with government agencies. The condemnation team also has the experience to handle complex takings litigation through trial and appeal, when necessary.

Additionally, our Oregon condemnation lawyers have worked for local governments as special counsel. With experience representing both private property owners, as well as government agencies, our firm’s condemnation attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of eminent domain to offer our clients informed advocacy that can lead to successful results.