Estate Planning & Probate

The Estate Planning & Probate Group specializes in preparing estate plans for individuals and families, and advising trustees and personal representatives on probate and trust administration issues.

Estate Planning

The goal of the Estate Planning & Probate group is to listen to you first, then work with you to design an estate plan that will accomplish your objectives. Clients often ask questions such as:

  1. How can I maintain control of my financial and health care decisions?
  2. How can I provide for management of my affairs if I become incapacitated?
  3. How can I provide financial security for my spouse and family?
  4. How can I protect my child's inheritance from immaturity, divorce, and creditors?
  5. How can I avoid a court probate?
  6. How can I reduce death taxes?
  7. How can I balance the interests of my spouse and children now that I have remarried?
  8. How can I transition my business to the next generation, or to other third parties?
  9. How do I include gifts for children, grandchildren, or families?
  10. How can I minimize the impact of state and federal death taxes?

Probate & Trust Administration

The Estate Planning & Probate group regularly advises individuals, trust companies, and attorneys in the administration of trust and probate estates. Their expertise includes:

  • Probate of wills and intestate estates;
  • Trust administration;
  • Preparation of Oregon, Washington and Federal estate tax returns;
  • Modification and termination of irrevocable trusts;
  • Probate litigation.