What is it like to work at Saalfeld Griggs?

Imagine working in close partnership with business owners, entrepreneurs, and some of the Northwest’s most successful companies to help them achieve their goals. We don’t do every kind of law — we focus on legal challenges faced by businesses and their owners. In our specialized practice areas, we bring a depth of expertise typically matched only by large, regional firms, but with close client relationships and a collegial atmosphere that only smaller firms can provide. Our management structure promotes excellence and client service by rewarding members of our team who help the firm, their colleagues and our clients achieve success.


Within the firm, we work collaboratively, sharing our clients’ work among those attorneys and staff who are best able to take a particular project and run with it. Our service model places a premium on moving work to those members of the team with the specific expertise and practical experience to best get the job done. We also work closely with CPAs, financial advisors, and other client consultants to make sure that our legal advice and representation syncs up with the client’s overall goals and strategic direction.


New attorneys at Saalfeld Griggs enjoy significant client contact early on. We bring associates into client meetings right away, so they can get to know our clients and so our clients can look to the associate as a valued team member. As associates develop, they move from handling parts of cases to handling their own caseload and supervising the work of others. For associates who are motivated to become business owners, we offer a path to equity partnership, with plenty of training and mentoring along the way.


We take mentorship to the next level. Associates work closely with the partners in their practice group and with other attorneys and staff in the firm. We assign each lawyer to a partner-mentor to help them grow into the practice and broaden their perspective on the practice of law and marketing of legal services. Women lawyers at Saalfeld Griggs have benefited from our signature, women-centered client marketing events and mentorship within the firm and with our local bar.


Our firm has a long tradition of serving the community.  Associates and partners of the firm have made a big difference in our community by serving on local boards and community organizations. Our standing in the firm helps young lawyers quickly integrate into the Salem community and develop personal connections that will last a lifetime. As our associates grow into leadership roles within our firm, their network grows with them, with their colleagues and friends often becoming future community and business leaders.


Salem is our home base.  It’s a great place to live, to get connected to a vibrant community, to raise a family, or to explore the great outdoors. We offer an affordable cost of living, minimal traffic hassles, plentiful outdoor space, and lots of local events and recreation venues. Drive one hour in any direction, and you’ll find even more adventure — the rustic Oregon coast, the Cascade mountains, nightlife in downtown Portland, and PAC-12 collegiate and professional sports.


Our Salem community is a great place to live, work, and play. Watch this video for a closer look.