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Business Briefs

2019 Quarter 4
2018 Quarter 4
  • Pay Equity Is Here
  • Updates from the Business and Tax Group
  • Congress/IRS Make Big Changes to Hardship Distribution Rules
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Quiet Title Actions
2018 Quarter 3
  • #MeToo a Year Later: What Companies Should be Doing
  • SDC Modifications on the Rise
  • Oregon’s Updated Advance Directive Law
  • Landmines in Nonprofit Executive Compensation – Avoiding Excise Taxes, the Old and the New
2018 Quarter 2
  • Estate Planning Considerations Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017
  • 2020 Deadline for Defined Benefit and 403(b) Plan Restatements
  • The Importance of the Fine Print: Contract Terms & Conditions
  • The Importance of Written Change Orders
2017 Quarter 3
  • Choosing Success or Separation – The Power of the “Door Talk” with Long-Term Employees
  • Protecting Your Trademark Rights
  • Estate Planning Trivia: Eleven Things You Didn’t Know About Wills
  • Receiverships as a Potential Tool for Creditors of Marijuana Related Businesses
2017 Quarter 2
  • Times of Change: The Receivership Insolvency Alternative
  • Misappropriating Trade Secrets: Guarding Your Business from Departing Employees
  • What the New FEMA Guidelines Mean for Development in Oregon
  • Early Neutral Evaluation
2017 Quarter 1
2016 Quarter 4
  • Did Christmas Come Early? Judge Blocks New Overtime Rule Days Before Implementation
  • Specifics about DCBS’s new Private Construction Lending Exemption to the Licensing Requirements
  • Who, What, When, Where and Why? Questions Every Client Should Ask Their Real Estate Attorney at the Initial Meeting
  • Your Business Transition – Are you ready to hand over the keys?
  • Firm Announcements and Seminars
2016 Quarter 3
    • Thanks for Nothing: OSHA Changes Post-Accident Testing Rules (and Other Things)
    • Federal Action Concerning Food Labeling
    • Presidential Election – Tax Edition Part II
  • It’s not all in the name: the ambiguity of “farm use”
  • What You Must Know About Measure 97
  • Firm Announcements and Seminars
2016 Quarter 2
  • Much Ado About Fiduciary Status
  • Estate Planning Considerations When Moving to Oregon
  • They Can’t Do That…Can They? Part II
  • Evaporating Resource: Drought, Climate Change, and the Importance of Water Rights: Part II
  • Private Money Loans in Oregon: Are you SAFE?
  • Firm Announcements and Seminars
2016 Quarter 1
  • Presidential Election – Tax Edition Part I – The Democrats
  • So You Bought The Farm
  • They Can’t Do That…Can They? Part II
  • Who Should Arbitrate My Case
  • Firm Announcements and Seminars
2015 Quarter 4
  • When the Oasis Becomes a Mirage: the DOL’s Proposed Amendments Affecting White Collar Exempt Employees
  • They Can’t Do That…Can They?
  • Wrap It Up: ERISA Compliance for Group Health and Welfare Plans
  • Take the Right Steps to Protect Your Brand
  • Firm Announcements and Seminars
2015 Quarter 3
  • What Exactly is an “Estate Plan”?
  • HIPAA Enforcement Continues to Expand
  • Drought, Climate Change, and the Importance of Water Rights
  • The New Oregon Mandatory Sick Time Law
  • Firm Announcements and Seminars
2015 Quarter 2
  • Subcontractor Obtains Award Against Surety Company
  • Land Use Legislation Update
  • The Cadillac Plan tax: What Will You Pay?
  • Tips for Including a Charity in Your Estate Plan
  • Protecting Perfected Secured Interests: JP Morgan’s $1.5 Billion Warning
  • Firm Announcements and Seminars
2015 Quarter 1
  • Marital Status Matters
  • Crowdfunding in Oregon’s Craft Beverage Industry
  • Businesses May Not Be Protected by Standard
  • Liability Releases
  • ERISA Bonds vs. Fiduciary Liability Insurance: What’s the Difference?
  • Firm Announcements and Seminars
Winter 2014
  • The Family Meeting: An Integral Part of the Estate Plan
  • An Employment Law Perspective On Measure 91
  • Conservation Easements
  • Social Media Use Policies Can Provide Benefits
  • Secured Creditors Own Real Property Surrendered in Bankruptcy
  • Firm Feature: Wine, Beer & Cider Industry Group
  • Firm Announcements and Seminars
Fall 2014
  • Retirement Plan Committees: Help for Fiduciaries
  • Canary in a Coal Mine: A Real Estate Attorney’s View
  • Estate Planning Made Easy
  • Harvesting Woes: The DOL and “Hot Goods”
  • Health Care Reform Alert
  • Firm Announcements and Seminars
Summer 2014
  • Protecting Your Business from Corporate Raiding by Key Employees
  • Crowdfunding
  • Reducing Estate Taxes for Family Farms
  • Dream of Turning your Passion Into a Business? Watch Out for the Hobby Loss Rules
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Spring 2014
  • Business Sales & Acquisitions: A Primer
  • Who’s Yo Beneficiary? No, Really.
  • It’s Almost Time to Restate Your Retirement Plan
  • Successors Liable for Wage Claims
  • Healthcare Reform Update
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Winter 2013
  • Self-Auditing Your Retirement Plan
  • Common Misconceptions about Litigation in Oregon
  • Selecting a Strong Trademark
  • Draft Federal Legislation May Accelerate Payment of Tax for Some Businesses
  • Cost-of-living Adjustments for Retirement Plans
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Fall 2013
  • Real Life Bloopers
  • 2013 Legislation Affecting Oregon Business: Benefit Companies
  • Exactions After Koontz v. St. John’s River WMD
  • 2013 Oregon Legislative Session Wrap Up: What’s an Employer to Do?
  • Benefit Plans and DOMA
  • 3.8% Medicare Tax Update
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Summer 2013
  • How Do We Select Judges?
  • Your Office Lease — Not an Afterthought When Buying a Practice
  • Preparing for Retirement
  • Avoiding the 3.8% Medicare Tax on Self-Rental Income
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Spring 2013
  • Out with the New and In with the Newer
  • Absenteeism: Troublesome Traps and Tips to Avoid Tribulation
  • To Play or Not to Play? That is the Question
  • My Lease May Keep Me from Selling My Business?
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Winter 2012
  • What is in a Name? Transitioning to Perfection Under the UCC
  • Year-End Tax Planning — Especially Important in 2012
  • A Look Ahead to 2013
  • Bankruptcy: A Debtor’s Attempt to Undermine Court-Appointed Receivers
  • Retirement Plan Contribution Limits
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Fall 2012
  • Health Care Reform: 2012 & 2013 Employer Action Items
  • The IRS Gets Generous: The New and Improved “Portability” of Estate Tax Exemptions
  • Recent Court of Appeals Decision Calls into Question MERS System and Foreclosure
  • “Amazon” Laws and Small Business Retailers
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Summer 2012
  • Retirement Plan Alert: $35 Million Verdict Entered in Breach of Fiduciary Duty Case
  • The Top 5 Ways to Discourage your Former Employee’s Attorney
  • Members of LLCs Face Added Exposure for Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Facebook and the Internet in Hiring: A Tool or Time Bomb?
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Winter 2011
  • A Jury of Your Peers?
  • New and Proposed State Legislation Affecting Wineries
  • Prepare to be a Top Gun Trustee or Executor
  • Title Insurance — Who Needs It?
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Fall 2011
  • The Glass is Half Full!
  • New DOL Regulations Impose Significant Obligations on Retirement Plan Fiduciaries
  • Selling or Buying Real Property? Seller Financing Is Still a Valid Tool
  • Got A SNDA? Why You May Want One
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Summer 2011
  • What Should You Do With a Million Dollars (of Life Insurance)?
  • The Price of Justice
  • Personnel Manuals – So Much More Than a Paperweight
  • Protect Your Wine Brand Through Trademark Registration
  • 2011 Legislative Update – Accessory Uses at Wineries
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Spring 2011
  • Health Care Law Updates
  • Pending Employment Legislation: Should Employers Be Worried?
  • Legal Alert: Red Flag Rules Update
  • Oregon’s New Complex Litigation Court: Is it a Good Option for You?
  • In-Plan Roth Conversions – Employer FAQs
  • Legal Alert: Discounted Fee for Non-Amenders
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Winter 2010
  • Estate Planning Myth Busters
  • Healthcare Reform: Changes for the New Year
  • Decoding MERS: What It Potentially Means for Real Property
  • Protect Your Property from Exactions
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Summer 2010
  • A Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail: Real Life Lessons and Bloopers
  • Healthcare Reform: What You Want and Need to Know Now
  • A Status Report on the 2010 Estate Tax
  • Lien Times: Understanding the Limits of PACA and Other Liens Protecting Against Unpaid Agricultural Debts
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements
Spring 2010
  • Business Planning for Measures 66 and 67
  • New DOL Regulations Eliminate Deferral Deposit Uncertainty for 401(k) Plans
  • Obtaining a “Favorable Determination Letter” for Your Retirement Plan
  • Legal Alert – Federal Estate Taxes
  • Commentary – Ballot Measure 24-292: A Flawed Proposal
  • Firm Seminars and Announcements