SB 184: Independent Contractors

By Daniel Reynolds, Litigation, & Garrett Urrutia, Employment Law & Litigation Recent amendments to Oregon’s child support statutes may impact home builders and contractors. Previously, employers were required to report newly hired employees to the Oregon Child Support Program. This information is used by the Department of Justice to monitor and collect child support payments.

Support Local CTEC Students: ACE Raise the Roof Event

Join the RAISE THE ROOF event on Thursday, April 18th. This dinner and auction is an opportunity to meet the CTEC (Career Technical Education Center) students in the Residential Construction program. You will see the house designs these students have been working on, and there will be several silent auction items and eight live auction

Deferential Expertise: Challenging Regulatory Decision Making

By Erich Paetsch, Chair, Financial Services Industry Group On June 25, 1984, the United States Supreme Court issued one of the most frequently cited and commonly referenced opinions in its history. Unlike some judicial opinions, Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council (“Chevron”) failed to capture the wider public’s imagination.[1] A discussion dense on administrative law and the

Corporate Transparency Act ruled unconstitutional. Do I still have to comply?

By Matthew K. Stevenson – Attorney, Business Law & Taxation Law Practice Group On March 1, 2024, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama ruled that the Corporate Transparency Act (the “CTA”) is unconstitutional. The court found that the CTA, which requires the federal registration of most corporations, limited liabilities and

Nine Defamation Cases That Will Leave You Speechless

As a law firm with nearly a dozen civil litigation attorneys, we are often asked about defamation cases. These cases receive attention from the media and loom large in courtroom dramas and the public imagination. What exactly is defamation? Defamation occurs when a person makes an untrue statement about another individual, either verbally (slander) or

New Developments with Pre-condemnation Rights of Entry

By Jennifer C. Paul – Partner, Condemnation, Litigation & Employment Practice Groups When the government takes private property for public use, such as for public projects, right of way expansions or for other public development, the government is constitutionally required to pay just compensation, under the Fifth Amendment Takings Clause of the US Constitution and

Oregon Senate Bill 498 – Natural Resource Exemption/Property/Credit

Dear Clients: As you may know, Oregon Senate Bill 498 was signed into law by Governor Kotek on July 13, 2023.  The new law provides an available $15 million Oregon estate tax exemption for decedents who engage in the active management of Natural Resource Property (e.g., farming, forestry, and fishing) and who meet certain requirements

PRU•DENT: adj. acting with or showing care or thought for the future

By Erich Paetsch, Chair, Financial Services Industry Group At the start of the Great Recession, the Federal Financial Institution Examination Counsel agencies (“FFEIC”)  adopted a Policy Statement on Prudent Commercial Real Estate Loan Workouts (“2009 Statement”). The 2009 Statement was a useful tool for financial institutions to understand risk management and accounting practices for commercial real estate

Are You Ready for Paid Leave Oregon? What Employers Need to Know

By David Briggs, Partner – Employment Law & Litigation Practice Group   Ready or not, here it comes.  Paid Leave Oregon is here.  Employees are eligible to apply for benefits and can start receiving those benefits beginning on September 3, 2023. The Oregon Employment Department is estimating that 41,000 individuals will apply for benefits before