Jennifer Paul and Paul Sundermier Presenting and Co-Chairing at Eminent Domain Conference

Jennifer Paul and Paul Sundermier, our two Condemnation attorneys, will be presenting and co-chairing at the upcoming Eminent Domain: Current Developments in Condemnation, Valuation & Challenges Conference. Jennifer will be giving an overview on pre-condemnation entries, and Paul will be moderating a panel on appraisal problems in condemnation. The conference is May 11 and 12

2022 Yearend Estate Planning Review

  Dear Friends and Clients: Happy Holidays! As with years past, we wanted to send a letter to friends and clients with new information on prospective tax updates and law changes, as well as key estate planning reminders for an estate planning checkup. We are excited to see what this new year will bring us.

Three New Attorneys in our New Bend Office

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: David Briggs 503-399-1070 Saalfeld Griggs Welcomes Three New Attorneys and Opens New Bend Office Saalfeld Griggs, PC is proud to announce that Tom Sayeg, Brent Kinkade, and Annie Nelson have joined the firm effective October 24, 2022.  These attorneys will be the core of Saalfeld Griggs’ new Bend office

Insolvency Risk and Guaranty Pitfalls

by Erich Paetsch, Chair, Financial Services Industry Group A common requirement of financing and contractual agreements is a guaranty. The reasons to include one are numerous. For example, when multiple entities are involved or a lender would prefer a strong personal commitment to a project or business, a guaranty reduces liability or guarantees performance by

Major Questions About Agency Regulatory Powers Growing

by Erich Paetsch, Chair, Financial Services Industry Group A common theme expressed in the financial services industry is concern over the scope, extent and burden of regulatory action. The so called “administrative state” is a critical actor interpreting, implementing, and enforcing statutes against lending institutions and businesses generally. Congress has historically deferred to federal agencies

Lenders must “reasonably” investigate consumer complaints under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

by Erich Paetsch, Chair, Financial Services Industry Group Recently, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Gross v. CitiMortgage considered the extent to which financial institutions furnishing consumer credit information to reporting agencies must investigate consumer disputes. The Court reaffirmed an earlier decision that requires “furnishers” to conduct investigations that must be at least “reasonable”

Into the Void: Repealing HB 4204 and HB 2009

by Erich Paetsch, Chair, Financial Services Industry Group At the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, public health measures designed to save lives also dramatically impacted the economy. Concerned about the unprecedented economic impact of public health measures, Oregon’s legislature rapidly created laws with limited public input intending to blunt the economic impacts of public health

Employers Who Can Use Some Change: A Lesson from a Pile of Pennies

  A story has been circulating recently about an auto repair shop that paid their former employee’s final paycheck in pennies. Nobody likes loose change, especially when it’s dumped on your driveway and adorned with your paystub that has an expletive spelled out on it. In January of 2021, the former employee of the auto