Creekside Golf Course Case Update: Oregon Court of Appeals Affirms Trial Court Judgement

The Oregon Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court judgment confirming the owners of the Creekside Golf Course expressly retained the right under the recorded covenants, conditions, and restrictions to “modify, expand, contract, discontinue, convert, transfer, or sell the golf course or related facilities.”  The Court of Appeals further affirmed the award of attorney fees to the defendant, Creekside Golf Course, LLC and the trial court’s finding of fact and conclusion of law that the owners of the golf course did not represent to any lot owner that the golf course would be maintained by the course owner in the future.

The trial court team was led by Hunter Emerick and Dan Reynolds, and was supported by the real estate and land use attorneys, Mark Shipman and Alan Sorem, of Saalfeld Griggs.  On appeal C. Robert Steringer, James E. Mountain, and Erica R. Tatoian of  Harrang Long Gary Rudnick P. C represented the Creekside Golf Course.  We thank Lawrence Tokarski and Terry Kelly for the opportunity to represent them on this important property rights matter.  The opinion may be reviewed at:



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