Creekside Golf Course Case Update: Oregon Court of Appeals Affirms Trial Court Judgement

The Oregon Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court judgment confirming the owners of the Creekside Golf Course expressly retained the right under the recorded covenants, conditions, and restrictions to “modify, expand, contract, discontinue, convert, transfer, or sell the golf course or related facilities.”  The Court of Appeals further affirmed the award of attorney fees

Hucke: MERS, Foreclosure and Evolving Oregon Foreclosure Law

Buying a house may seem like a personal matter, but when a borrower takes out a home loan many parties are involved in the transaction: the borrower, the lender, a trustee and other beneficiaries. Further complicating matters is modern financing permits changes to these parties over the life of the borrower’s loan. The changing of

Subcontractor Earns Award Against Surety Company

by Hunter Emerick The Construction and Litigation Groups at Saalfeld Griggs PC recently obtained a favorable ruling from the Oregon Court of Appeals. The ruling imposed a judgment against a surety company for a substantial award in favor of our client. The judgment against the surety will allow collection of a judgment which, before the

How Do We Select Judges?

By Hunter Emerick By all accounts, the Oregon Court of Appeals is one of the busiest intermediate appellate courts in the country. Almost any party aggrieved by a decision issued by an Oregon state jury, trial judge or administrative law judge has an absolute right to appeal the decision to the Oregon Court of Appeals.