Solicitation Alert: Oregon Business Annual Report

The Oregon Secretary of State recently warned business owners to be aware of solicitations sent out by for-profit companies offering to file an annual report with the Oregon Secretary of State on behalf of the business or business owner. These companies are commonly charging a “processing” fee or some other additional fee for this filing that is not required by the Secretary of State. In general, the easiest way to file your annual report is online directly through the Secretary of State website.

Business owners should be aware that the annual report fee is $100.00 and any charges exceeding this amount are not required under Oregon Law. A business alert from the Secretary of State regarding these types of solicitations can be found here. To see if your annual report is due to be filed, you can visit the Secretary of State website here.

If you have already paid a fee in excess of the $100 state fee for services from Workplace Compliance Services, you may have been misled. Workplace Compliance Services is offering a refund for any amount over the $100 state fee to any business that is not satisfied with the service they offer. For more information regarding this refund, please visit here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at 503.399.1070.