Right of Way Appraising Seminar | May 20

Attorney Paul Sundermier will speak at a right of way appraising seminar for the members of the Greater Oregon Chapter of the Appraisal Institute (GOCAI) and the Beaver Chapter (OR) of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA). Paul will be speaking about the latest legal issues affecting right of way appraisals and the process of acquiring private property by the government. To register, please click here.

This seminar will provide an overview of current issues affecting right-of-way appraisers and agents in Oregon. Agents and appraisers will be presented an overview of basic concepts and issues faced when preparing an appraisal for right-of-way acquisition. Speakers include:

  • Matthew Larrabee, MAI, AI Instructor, will provide a brief overview of basic right-of-way appraisal concepts and reporting options.
  • Chuck Wells, MAI, Chief Appraiser at ODOT will present a discussion of issues specific to appraisals performed for the Oregon Department of Transportation.
  • Paul Sundermier, Land Use Attorney, will give a legal update from recent cases affecting those in the right-of-way profession.