Protecting Against Corporate Raiding | Oct 6

Randall Sutton will present at the Northwest Human Resource Management Association’s 77th Annual NHRMA Conference & Tradeshow on October 6 in Portland.

Protecting Your Company Against Corporate Raiding by Former Employees

Departing employees who wish to unfairly compete with, or even step into the shoes of their former employer, can inflict great harm on a company. Departing employees may be tempted to secretly compete with and undermine their employers by diverting information or customers. Employers potentially have many legal tools to prevent corporate raiding, including noncompetition agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and various statutory protections. If care is taken, these protections can allow an employer to prevent or limit ongoing competition. Unfortunately, employers often are often left helpless because the necessary advance precautions were not taken or were poorly executed.

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