Beware of Annual Meeting Minutes Scams

minutes booksBeware of annual meeting minutes scams. If you responded to a solicitation entitled “2014 – Annual Minutes Form” you may be entitled to a refund.   Recently,  a Florida company named “Annual Business Services” was soliciting Oregon businesses with the promise to prepare corporate minutes for a fee of $125. The solicitation looked as though it was an official invoice from the State of Oregon.  Over 400 Oregon companies paid $125 in response to the solicitation.  Many of these companies did so because they believed that it was an official invoice form the State.  Because of the solicitation’s deceiving appearance the Oregon Department of Justice has now permanently prohibited “Annual Business Services” from doing business in Oregon, and has required that Annual Business Services refund Oregon companies that were misled by the solicitation. 

If your Oregon company paid the $125 fee you may be entitled to a refund.  To request the refund contact Annual Business Services at 1-855-246-8622 and state your corporation’s name, address, and that you are calling in response to Annual Business Services’ settlement with the Oregon Department of Justice. 

The new year is approaching and many businesses will soon be preparing their 2014 annual minutes.  Beware of similar solicitations and consider having your attorney assist with your minute preparation.  If you have questions regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact our Corporate Practice Group.