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Just In: IRS Announces 2020 Retirement Plan Dollar Adjustments

By: Randall Cook,  Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Attorney On November 6, 2019, the IRS announced the annual cost-of-living dollar adjustments applicable to retirement plans beginning January 1, 2020. The full list of adjustments is contained in IRS Notice 2019-59. Here are some highlights:   2020 2019 401(k)/403(b) Elective Deferral Limit $19,500 $19,000 Defined Contribution Plan Annual

Warning…Do Not Delay Correcting Credit Reports After Notice of Fraud

By: Peggy Richard, Creditor’s Rights & Bankruptcy & Litigation Attorney In early September 2019, after about six hours of deliberation, a federal jury awarded a Portland, Oregon man $101,000 in non-economic damages against Wells Fargo Bank for violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The jury found that the bank negligently and willfully violated the

Lessons from Court: The Fair Credit Reporting Act and Washington State Securities Act

By Erich M. Paetsch, Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy and Litigation Attorney Two very different courts recently issued opinions on issues routinely impacting financial institutions. In Multnomah County, a jury considered whether a financial institution should pay damages for a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.[1] Across the Columbia River, the Supreme Court for the State

News Update: USDA Issues Draft Hemp Rules

By Elayna Z. Matthews, Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy and Litigation Attorney This just in! The USDA has finally issued its long-awaited draft rules and regulations establishing a domestic hemp production program in the United States. These regulations, once finalized, will interpret the 2018 Farm Bill signed into law last year. Check back soon for more

Summer at Saalfeld Griggs: The Law Clerk/Associate Experience

By: Matthew Stevenson, Law Clerk Choosing the perfect summer clerkship can be like drawing a number out of a hat – you never know what you are getting yourself into until you see it for yourself. It is hard to tell whether the work will be engaging or whether law clerk professional development is a

Special Conditions to Insurance Coverage—Have You Carefully Reviewed Your Agreements to Confirm You Comply?

By: Daniel S. Reynolds, Litigation Attorney Every insurance policy contains obligations with which an insurer must comply to receive coverage of a claim. Increasingly, however, insurance policies contain special “conditions precedent” for construction contractors to receive coverage for any claim based on a subcontractor’s work. These conditions can include a requirement that the insured contractor (1)

DOL Issues New Overtime Rule Raising Minimum Salary Threshold for Exempt Employees

By: Randall Sutton, Employment Law & Litigation Attorney Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), employees paid on a salary basis and performing qualifying duties can be classified as “exempt” from overtime and other requirements of the wage and hour laws. To qualify as exempt, an employee must be paid on a salary basis and perform duties that satisfy one

USDA Announces Hemp Crop Insurance Available for 2020 Growing Year

By Elayna Z. Matthews, Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy and Litigation Attorney The USDA’s Risk Management Program recently announced the availability of crop insurance coverage for hemp grown for fiber, flower, or seeds only, available for certain industrial hemp growers in areas covered by USDA-approved hemp plans or who are part of a state or university