Appraisal Standards Temporarily Changed by Feds Due to COVID-19

By Shannon Martinez, Attorney in the Creditor’s Rights & Bankruptcy and Litigation Practice Groups On April 14, 2020, the FDIC, OCC and Federal Reserve issued an interim final rule that allows lenders to close certain real estate loans without an appraisal or evaluation. The lender will have 120 days after the loan closing to obtain

Commercial Lease Default Rates Expected to Rise as COVID-19 Continues to Impact Businesses – April 1st, 2020 Update

By Alan Sorem, Real Estate & Land Use Attorney The recent quarantine orders have had significant impacts on individuals, businesses, and the economy. Commercial lease default rates will spike as retail and office users are forced to close or dramatically change their businesses. Effective April 1, 2020, Oregon Governor’s Executive Order 20-13 ordered a moratorium

Oregon Forest Fair | June 18-20

June 20th, 9am to 5 pm, at Chemeketa Community College.  A free event that is open to the public, the fair will be held in Building #6, the auditorium building, nearest the parking lots (easiest to reach from the back of the campus from 45th Ave, SE and Silverton Rd.). The Oregon Forest Fair is in conjunction with

Land Use Legislation Update

By Mark Shipman and Alan Sorem Each year when the Oregon State Legislature meets, members of the legislative body propose a number of land use bills. This year is no exception. The following is a selective summary of land use bills currently pending before the Oregon State Legislature. Urban Growth Boundary Bills Last year, the headline act of the Oregon

Salem Chamber of Commerce Vision Initiative

In an ever changing business climate, leaders need to stay on the cutting edge of issues relating to business. The Salem Chamber of Commerce Vision Initiative is designed to inspire business leaders to innovate and evolve. Rick Davidson, CEO of Century 21 Real Estate LLC, will keynote this event, challenging attendees to ignite their passion and encourage the potential of their team.

Canary in a Coal Mine: A Real Estate Attorney’s Point of View

By Alan Sorem During the 19th and early 20th centuries, miners would carry caged canaries with them into the mines. The canary’s rapid breathing, small size, and high metabolism would cause the bird to suffer the effects of methane, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gasses before those gasses affected the miners. If a canary was

Exactions After Koontz V. St. John’s River WMD

By Alan Sorem Oregon land use laws have a substantial effect on all Oregon business and individuals. As members of the public, we benefit from living in a well-planned state and city. As taxpayers, we have an interest in seeing property developments pay their fair share of the costs of necessary public streets, utilities, and