Estate Planning Considerations When Moving To Oregon

by Estate Planning Practice Group Oregon is a great place to live. Most of our clients live in Oregon, and more and more of our clients have friends and family moving to Oregon. Here are answers to some of the most common estate planning questions we receive from new Oregonians. Are My Out-Of-State Documents Still

Tips for Including a Charity in Your Estate Plan

by Estate Planning Practice Group Thinking about including your favorite charity in your estate plan? Here are four simple, but important, items to consider. Name and Taxpayer Identification Number Start by obtaining your charity’s legal name and unique nine digit taxpayer identification number (also known as an “Employer Identification Number” or “EIN”). Your charity can

Estate Planning Made Easy

By Estate Planning Practice Group “I want to make things simple for my family.” This is one of the goals I hear most frequently when a person begins the estate planning process. Implementing the correct legal documents is critical in achieving this goal, and the legal documents tend to receive the most attention. But the

Preparing for Retirement

By Estate Planning Practice Group Hoping to retire in the near future? Here is an overview of seven things to consider. Plan for Health Insurance Affordable health insurance is one of the biggest obstacles to retiring prior to age 65. Group coverage is typically less expensive than purchasing individual coverage. Look for group coverage through