LEGUS International Network of Law Firms

We are a network of mid-size law firms that reflects a vibrant worldwide range of work and client referrals between member firms. We build close relationships between our members through referrals, the legal and educational programming held at our meetings, and an exchange of information focusing on member law firm business operations. Together these create true and lasting friendships within an environment of trust and confidence, which enhances our lawyer members as people and thus improves the quality of their legal performance and their ability to service their clients’ business needs.

LEGUS membership is not guaranteed. Every application is screened for attributes and credentials that point to high quality work and international experience. In the U.S., member firms must be AV-rated. Our Membership Committee also reviews individual attorney qualifications and how active they are beyond practicing law. For example: Do they teach law? Are they involved with civic and community organizations? Finally, we investigate an applicant’s reputation by contacting attorneys in the applicant’s area. In the end, when an applicant is accepted into LEGUS, there is a high level of trust among all members that the new member firm is qualified.