Client Profiles

Helicopter Transport Services

With bases spread across the United States and Canada, Helicopter Transport Services operates one of the largest and most diverse fleet of helicopters in the industry. From the lightweight Bell 206 JetRanger to the Sikorsky CH-54 heavy lift helicopter, they are capable of flying nearly any mission, anywhere, anytime. HTS provides helicopter support to forestry and mining industries, fire suppression agencies, aerial construction and heavy lift operations, and more. Now in its 33rd year, HTS operates two fixed-wing support aircraft and more than sixty helicopters of all types throughout the world.


Ramsey Dental Group

The Ramsey Dental Group believes that success comes by treating their clients as partners. They listen to you, learn about your needs, and build a partnership with you and your family. The team will design your visits so that you receive not just your check-up and cleaning, tooth repair, or alleviate your toothache, but also a deep understanding of the “why” behind procedures, walking you through each step so that you can make an informed decision.

Together, Ramsey Dental Group will help you engineer an easy “habits toolkit” that puts you in control of your dental health. Please visit their website to learn more about the dentists – Drs. Ramsey, Janssen, and Gilmore. We encourage you to contact the office and one of the friendly, knowledgeable team members will answer your questions and put your mind at ease!


Kraemer’s Nursery

Kraemer’s Nursery has grown from a half acre project in 1968 to more than 850 acres of high quality nursery stock today. All the while, the Kraemer family has stayed true to its values. The family operation grows a wide diversity of woody and ornamental flowering shrubs, broadleaf evergreens, grasses, perennials, conifers, roses, vines, small fruits, Japanese maples and deciduous trees.Customers of Kraemer’s Nursery appreciate the quality and variety of their plants and the use of advanced propagation and modern management techniques. These qualities make Kraemer’s Nursery a standout among large nursery operators in the United States and Canada. One of the key values adopted by the Kraemer family is the continuity of their business for the benefit of both their customers and their employees. To that end, Alan has worked hard to put in place a transition plan enabling his son Paul to take the lead in continuing the family business and its legacy. When asked about their success, Alan says, “We’ve been able to build a fantastic facility with a great team of folks and we feel confident that the company will continue to produce and provide good quality product for our customers for years to come.”

Kraemer’s Nursery
14306 Downs Road Northeast
Mount Angel, OR 97362
(503) 845-2283


Santiam Hospital

Our philosophy is to embrace extraordinary care that is offered close to home. Nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Santiam Hospital is the perfect place for comprehensive, primary care for you and your family. Our hospital, medical providers, and staff offer the level of care and treatment often found at larger facilities, with the personal touch that comes from individualized care. We promote healthy living by empowering our patients to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Together with Santiam Hospital, you will find a stronger, longer, and healthier life well within your reach.

Maggie Hudson, MBA
Director of Operations & Financial Services
Santiam Hospital


Bethel Heights Vineyard

The first vines were planted at Bethel Heights Vineyard in 1977, in the Eola Hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. When twin brothers, Ted and Terry Casteel, and their partners, Pat Dudley and Marilyn Webb, decided to turn their love for wine and fascination with winemaking into a life-changing career, the vineyard was just what they were looking for. The Bethel Heights team eventually expanded to include second-generation leadership and ownership, bringing youthful energy, talent, and passion into the blend. The new additions to the team are Ben and Jon Casteel (Terry and Marilyn’s sons) and Mimi and Jessie Casteel (Ted and Pat’s daughters), who all grew up at Bethel Heights before venturing into the world. The winemaker, Ben Casteel, works closely with the entire family and vineyard crew to ensure that fruit is picked at its optimum ripeness each vintage, and that it is handled gently in its transition from vineyard to winery. Bethel Heights was on the forefront in sustainability in the Oregon wine industry. Ted Casteel is one of the co-founders of Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE) in Oregon, and the Casteel family has been instrumental in establishing LIVE Certification throughout Oregon. Bethel Heights estate wines have been certified LIVE since 1999.

Bethel Heights Vineyard
6060 Bethel Heights Road NW
Salem, OR 97304
(503) 581-2262


Salem Gastroenterology

Salem Gastro and Salem Endoscopy deliver excellent gastroenterology care in a professional, caring, and friendly environment, Salem Gastro was established in 1979 to deliver GI services to residents of Salem and the Willamette Valley. Eleven providers and more than 80 staff members provide specialty care, including cancer screening, colonoscopies, endoscopies, and other therapies to treat the full spectrum of gastrointestinal and liver diseases. Salem Gastroenterology (the clinic) and Salem Endoscopy (the ambulatory surgery center) are independently owned and operated by their physician partners, who also staff the Salem Hospital GI department.

Salem Gastroenterology
875 Oak St. S.E. Suite 3010
Salem, Oregon 97301
(503) 399-7520


Schreiner’s Gardens

In 1915, F.X. Schreiner, a buyer for a department store in St. Paul, Minnesota, decided to move his family to the Minnesota countryside to more seriously pursue his hobbies of gardening and animal husbandry. In 1920, while on a buying trip to the east, F.X. met John Wister, the first president of the recently founded American Iris Society. This chance meeting sparked F.X.’s interest in Iris, and soon he was a serious collector. By 1925, F.X. was growing over 500 varieties on over an acre of ground. He decided to sell these Iris commercially in order to finance the acquisition and care of new Iris. In 1925, F.X. Schreiner published his first price list. In 1928 he published his first catalog in black and white with no pictures. F.X. passed away in 1931. Before his death, he offered his three children, Bob, Connie and Bernard (Gus), two pieces of advice: First, that if they were able to get along, the Iris venture would be a nice business. Second, should they decide to pursue the business, a more agreeable climate would offer a better chance of success. In 1947, the Willamette Valley was selected as the new home for Schreiner’s Gardens. The decision was based on excellent soil, an ideal climate for growing Iris, and the proximity to transportation facilities. Today, Schreiner’s Gardens cultivates 200 acres of top-quality, beautiful Iris. Their dedication to breeding and growing the finest Iris in the world has transformed Oregon into the largest grower of Iris in the United States. Coming up on four generations, Schreiners Gardens is family-owned and operated, hybridizing, growing and distributing thousands of Iris annually. The Schreiner hybridizing program has become internationally recognized as one of the best. Schreiner Iris have won an unprecedented eleven Dykes Memorial Medals, the highest award given by the American Iris Society.

Schreiner’s Gardens
3625 Quinaby Road NE
Salem, OR 97303
(503) 393-3232


Cascade Nut & Bolt Inc.

Cascade Nut & Bolt took off like a rocket in 1997 when Tom Boline purchased the business. Tom brought with him more than 10 years of experience in the hardware and fastener distribution industry. He also attracted a staff of highly motivated and qualified people. Since 1997, the company has moved twice to accommodate growth. Cascade now occupies two modern 20,000 square foot buildings with 4,000 additional square feet of offices. The expanded size allows flexibility to serve the ongoing and periodic needs of its clients and customers. “Our goal is to make it easy for you to do business with us,” Tom says. “You set the standards — we adjust to meet those standards, not the other way around.”

Cascade Nut & Bolt Inc.
2085 Vista Avenue SE
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 375-6445


On1, Inc.

On1, Inc., a specialty software company based in Portland, Oregon, has quickly become an industry leader providing software for both amateur and professional photographers worldwide. The company’s most recent product, Perfect Photo Suite 7, takes photo editing to a whole new level as it enables photographers to edit images even in the absence of other photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Company president and founder, Craig Keudell, who has decades of experience in the photo software industry, is passionate about both the industry and the company. His vision is to enable photographers to speed up their workflow so that they can spend more time behind the camera rather than editing photos. When asked about what really matters, Craig says, “The On1 team has a passion for two things: Building simple yet powerful software and taking care of our customers. Our goal is to build tools that save time and money for everyone who loves photography, allowing them to create the images they want and get back to what they really love to do — go shoot!”