SHRMA Legislative Update Report – May 2015

  SHRMA Legislative Update Report for May 2015 by Jennifer C. Paul, J.D. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE REPORT This is a SHRMA Legislative Update Report provided by the Salem Human Resources Management Association. As the session continues to progress we are beginning to have a better picture about which bills may eventually be enacted into law.

Con-Tech Auction Funds 2016 House Project

Con-Tech, Inc. is a charitable tax exempt corporation that is providing opportunities to local high school students to construct a residence. The 2015 house build project, dubbed the Nest by the students, is nearing completion and will soon be listed for sale. To provide the lot, materials and supplies necessary for students to improve their

PERS Decision by Oregon Supreme Court

by Paul J. Sundermier, Of Counsel No matter what your feelings are about PERS retirees’ benefits, this is an important case. Business persons should be as happy as some retirees with this decision because it explains how the State of Oregon needs to be able to enter into contracts in order to create infrastructure and

SHRMA April 2015 Legislative Report

SHRMA April 2015 Legislative Report CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE REPORT April 21st was a significant deadline for this session’s proposed legislation. Those bills that failed to pass out of their originating committee are no longer under consideration, giving us a better picture as to those bills that may eventually be enacted into law. Below

Saalfeld Receives Blanchet Award

On Thursday, April 23, 2015, Blanchet Catholic School celebrated Founders Day, an annual celebration where they recognize the outstanding service, commitment and contributions of significant members of our Blanchet Community. Our very own Robert Saalfeld received the Blanchet President’s Award. Congratulations to all of these outstanding individuals for their contributions to the students and community of Blanchet

Mid-Willamette Human Resource Association | May 13

      Saalfeld Griggs will be sponsoring the Mid-Willamette Human Resource Association’s meeting on Creating A Performance Culture. When: May 13, 2015, 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Where: Mennonite Home Administration Building Chapel at 5353 Columbus St. SE, Albany, Oregon 97322 Topic: Research shows that performance appraisal is one of the most effective employee engagement

8th Annual Eminent Domain | June 4 & 5

8th Annual Eminent Domain: Current Developments in Condemnation, Valuation & Challenges   Paul Sundermier will participate in The Seminar Group’s seminar on Eminent Domain in Portland on June 4 and 5. The seminar will include an overview and update of Oregon and Federal Eminent Domain and land valuation litigation, with emphasis on special appraisal problems

Using Nonqualified Deferred Compensation to Attract and Retain Key Employees

By Randy Cook, Partner, Saalfeld Griggs PC A major component to any successful financial services employer is its ability to attract and retain key employees. Studies indicate that an employer’s retirement program is high on the list of factors considered by key employees when choosing an employer, second only to current compensation. With creative planning,

SHRMA March 2015 Legislative Report

SHRMA March 2015 Legislative Report CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE REPORT The first significant deadline of the 2015 Oregon State Legislative Session has come and gone. Members and committees had to submit drafts of measures for introduction to the Senate and House desks no later than February 25, 2015. With this major deadline behind us,

The Foreclosure Relief and Extension for Service Members Act of 2014

The Foreclosure Relief and Extension for Service Members Act of 2014 provides that if a mortgage was obtained before a service member was an active duty member of the military, then they are protected from foreclosure for a period of time upon return from active duty.  The amount of time that a service member is