2021 Estate Tax Exemption: Key Estate Planning Proposals

By Jeffrey G. Moore, Attorney in the Estate Planning & Probate Practice Group   This last week, House Democrats released details of a new tax proposal to support the $3.5 trillion spending plan.  Although we stress that these are indeed proposals at this point, we wanted you to be aware.  The proposals will inevitably undergo further

OregonSaves Retirement Program Becomes Final: All Oregon Employers Must Act

By Randy Cook & Christine Moehl Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation On April 18, 2017, the Oregon Retirement Savings Board issued final regulations that will launch the “OregonSaves” Retirement Program (the “Program”) enacted by the Oregon Legislature in 2015. Under the Program, all Oregon employers must register with the Oregon Retirement Savings Board (the “Board”)

Preparing for Retirement

By Estate Planning Practice Group Hoping to retire in the near future? Here is an overview of seven things to consider. Plan for Health Insurance Affordable health insurance is one of the biggest obstacles to retiring prior to age 65. Group coverage is typically less expensive than purchasing individual coverage. Look for group coverage through