SHRMA 2015 Legislative Report

SHRMA 2015 Legislative Report CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE REPORT Oregon’s 78th Legislative Assembly convened on February 2, 2015. There are a significant number of employment related bills proposed for the 2015 session, including hotly contested topics such as statewide paid sick leave, new protected leaves, and incremental increases to Oregon’s minimum wage. With expanded

Harvesting Woes: The DOL and “Hot Goods”

By Jennifer Paul Late summer means harvest time, but it also can mean unwanted visits from the U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”). In 2012, the DOL found several Marion County farms in violation of wage and other labor violations. Rather than simply initiating legal action against the farms for penalties and back wages, the DOL

2013 Oregon Legislative Session Wrap Up

What’s An Employer To Do? By Jennifer Paul The close of any legislative session is a great time to dust off your employment manual and review it for legal compliance. This is particularly true following the 2013 Oregon Legislative Session. This year’s session adjourned on Monday, July 8, 2013. During the course of the session