The Cadillac Plan Tax: What Will You Pay?

By Christine Moehl The Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) has been around since 2010 and nearly all of the major provisions of the law have been implemented in the intervening five years. However, there is one controversial element of the ACA which has not yet taken effect – the “Cadillac Plan Tax.” This tax is scheduled

Health Care Reform Alert

IRS Bans Pre-Tax Reimbursement of Individual Health Insurance Premiums Due to skyrocketing cost of group health insurance, many employers have opted to drop group coverage altogether and instead reimburse their employees for all or part of their individual health insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis. Under these arrangements, the employee did not pick up the

To Play or Not to Play? That is the Question

By Christine Moehl Although Health Care Reform was originally effective in 2010, so far employers have experienced relatively minor changes to the rules applicable to their health care plans. The status quo will change drastically in 2014, when the “employer shared responsibility” provisions of Health Care Reform, a.k.a., “Play or Pay” penalties, take effect. These