Employment Law Breakfast – St. Patrick’s Day Edition | March 17

THE SAALFELD GRIGGS EMPLOYMENT LAW & LITIGATION TEAM PRESENT: Minimum Wage & Other Wage & Hour Woes Randall Sutton, David Briggs, and Therese Holmstrom DATE: Thursday, March 17, 2016 – 7:15am – 8:30am – Saalfeld Griggs Office COST: Free for Clients/Friends of the Firm LOCATION: The Office of Saalfeld Griggs PC, Park Place – 2nd

Protecting Against Corporate Raiding | Oct 6

Randall Sutton will present at the Northwest Human Resource Management Association’s 77th Annual NHRMA Conference & Tradeshow on October 6 in Portland. Protecting Your Company Against Corporate Raiding by Former Employees Departing employees who wish to unfairly compete with, or even step into the shoes of their former employer, can inflict great harm on a

SHRMA Legislative Report – Final 2015

2015 SHRMA Legislative Report – Final by Jennifer C. Paul, J.D. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE REPORT The 2015 Oregon Legislative Session closed on Monday, July 6, 2015. Employment-related bills were a significant focus of this year’s session. This SHRMA Legislative report covers the outcome of many employment-related bills considered by the Oregon Legislature, including laws

Employment Law Breakfast Seminar | July 16

2015 Employment Law Extravaganza (with so many legislative and legal developments, “Legal Update” just doesn’t do this topic justice) DATE: Thursday, July 16, 2015, from 7:15am – 8:15am COST: Free for Clients/Friends of the Firm LOCATION: Saalfeld Griggs PC, 250 Church Street SE, Suite 200, Salem Oregon In 2015, the legislature, courts and regulatory agencies have kept

Up to 4.6 Million Workers Could Be Eligible For Overtime Pay Under DOL Proposed Regulations

Last week, the Department of Labor issued its long-awaited proposed changes to regulations implementing the Fair Labor Standards Act.  These changes affect the “white collar” exemptions that allow employers to treat some management, professional, and administrative employees as exempt from minimum wage and overtime pay and protections. Before treating an employee as exempt from these

Definite Possibility of a Confirmed Maybe: Legally Terminating Employees

By: David Briggs As seen in: Silverton Health’s Healthy Business Journal As an employment lawyer, I am often asked if terminating a certain employee is legal. Again, as a lawyer, I am bound by oath to tell people: it depends. While Oregon is an at-will state – and employees can be fired for any reason – employers cannot terminate employees

SHRMA Legislative Update Report – May 2015

  SHRMA Legislative Update Report for May 2015 by Jennifer C. Paul, J.D. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE REPORT This is a SHRMA Legislative Update Report provided by the Salem Human Resources Management Association. As the session continues to progress we are beginning to have a better picture about which bills may eventually be enacted into law.

SHRMA April 2015 Legislative Report

SHRMA April 2015 Legislative Report CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE REPORT April 21st was a significant deadline for this session’s proposed legislation. Those bills that failed to pass out of their originating committee are no longer under consideration, giving us a better picture as to those bills that may eventually be enacted into law. Below